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Hey hey Freaks!  I hope you’re out in this sunshine, and as deliriously happy as I am! This week’s #Freakcast is a freakin’ bumpy, bouncy, neck-snappin, zonin’, put your shoulders into it sorta affair… and I hope you got your dancin’ kicks handy ;)

Pt.1  |  Pt.2

You’ll find promo cuts from labels like H.A.R.D., Doin’ Work Records, Robsoul, Subcommittee Recordings, and Deepjacking Recordings; with exclusives from Tommy Largo & Menno Overvliet, Colette, J.Caprice, T.Mixwell & Scrubfish, Housego, J-Fader, Scrubfish (he’s gets mentioned twice cause he’s just a badass like that!), EAK, Catz Eats Dogz & Eats Everything, and Chiquito. Fun was had, and I thank you Freaks for tunin’ in and making it special every week… We’ll see you Friday, 9pm GMT sharp on Amsterdams Most Wanted!

Enjoy Music and Freak Freely, -Sista xXx

Good evening, Freaks! Bit late with this, but better late than never, hey…  Here’s last week #FreakFreely #Freakcast, geared for your boogie enjoyment.

Pt.1  |  Pt.2

It was a bit of an emotional one but, hey, that’s when the dusty cuts come out… right?  I thought about doing a tribute for Frankie but then I thought, everyone’s going to be doing one… personal or not.  So instead, I played my sorrow out with some of the tracks he exposed me to using skills which he inspired, through the channel he inspired – House Music.  I feel privileged to have known him, and will hold his memory in my heart forever. To me he was never the Godfather… he is, and will always be, the Father.

Enjoy Music and Freak Freely – Sista

I’m honored to share a guestmix I recently did for the House Salad crew with you, the Freaks, who make the dancefloor’s go round – worldwide.  It’s loaded with extra picante, tons of spicy-jacked ingredients, and plenty of boogie and neck-snapping nuggets for you to snack on.  All for your boogie pleasure.  BIG Love to the ensalada de la casa chico’s!! Thank you so much for the opportunity to share my boogie, and con mucho amor, abrazos y besos.

Make sure to show the guys some love on their Facebook page, and give their a Soundcloud a visit to check out who’s representing the Underground House Music movement at any given week.   Much love, enjoy music, and thank you for supporting my musical efforts. A Sista couldn’t get ask for better Freaks in her life!  #FreakFreely xXx – Sista

01. Black Mamba – And.Id
02. Want Some More (Hotbox Boogie Dub) – Stranger! Danger!
03. Twisted Needs (Ryan Truman Trumix) – J-Fader ( Jeff Griffith)
04. Come & Get It (Original Mix) – LE Babar, Verlenen
05. Massive Transit (Original Mix) – Ravi
06. Phoenix (Original) – Gene Farris
07. I Like It Funky (Derrick Carter’s B.H.Q. Re-Rub) – Angry Mexican DJs
08. Twisted Needs feat. Sista Stroke (Orig) – J-Fader
09. Transmission – T Mixwell & Scrubfish
10. Evil Tram – Catz Eats Dogz & Eats Everything
11. Jazz Your Feet (Joss Moog remix) – Tony Monero
12. Flight Back Home – Raul Sanchez

Happy #MusicMonday, Freaks, and here’s this week’s #Freakcast:

Pt.1  |  Pt.2

Spring is back; the best time of year to start anew as everything around you is back to life, and the cold and dreary is ushered out the door by the sunny and goodtimes to come. For this week’s Freakcast I went on a bit of journey that had a dash of Romanthony, Pierre, D.A.M.B., Gene Farris, Le Babar, Aback, and loads more that got stirred into the mix. I hope you enjoy it, and highly recommend it for any type of freak that comes bouncing your way!

Have a killer week, Freaks! Enjoy Music and FreakFreely – Sista

Happy #MusicMonday, Freaks! Hope this finds you well relaxed after the weekend, and super ready to tackle your week.  To help get you on your way, here’s this week’s #Freakcast on AMW:

Pt.1  |  Pt.2

I stayed on the Techier, neck-snappin’ side of House, for most of the show, and I definitely recommend it for when you just wanna plow through somethin’ like work … or whatever you happen to find yourself doing while listening, of course. ;)   There’s heat from some of my fav’s in here; I hope you dig it.  We’ll see you next week, Freaks… till then, boogie!

Enjoy Music and Freak Freel, Sista

Enjoy Music and Freak Freely, Sista

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    Where – TBA
    When – Every Wednesday
    7pm – 9pm (GMT),
    1pm – 3pm (CST),
    11am – 1pm (MST),
    2pm – 4pm (EST).

  • Freak Freely Radio

    Hostess: Sista Stroke
    Where -AMW
    When - Every Friday
    9pm -11pm (GMT),
    3pm-5pm (CST),
    1pm-3pm (MST),
    4pm-6pm (EST).

  • Top 10

    Ravi – Massive Transit (Original Mix)
    Rogerio Martins – Gonna Be Mine (Joss Moog Remix)
    Chiquito – Lunatic Kids (Original Mix)
    Stanger! Danger! – Want Some More (Hotbox Boogie Dub)
    J-Fader ft. Sista Stroke – Twisted Needs
    DJ Pha5e – Movin On (Original Mix)
    Catz Eats Dogz & Eats Everything – Evil Tram
    Demarkus Lewis – Poppin’ Fresh
    Ryan Truman – Smooth One
    And.Id – Black Mamba
    Bonus cut:
    Joss Moog – 4th Sign
    April 2014