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Happy #MM, Freaks!  Here’s this weeks Freakcast for your Housin’ enjoyment:

Pt.1 | Pt.2

From the first drop of Ricardo Sandoval‘s “Mirage” to the last beat of Fouk’s remix of Groove Armada’s & Joel Culpepper’s “Call Me”, this show was F.U.N.  With the usual suspects pushin’ me on, last week’s #FreakFreelyRadio heard some whip-hot tracks that were makin’ the bodies bounce in our #house… Special shout to the chat room freaks who were in top form keeping the room moving, the convo flowing, and giving me all the energy I needed. You guys rock!  Have a great week, and I hope to see you Friday for more boogie.  Enjoy Music and Freak Freely! Love, Sista xXx

Sista’s Playlist:
 Ricardo Sandoval – Mirage
Fouk – Left’s Bar (Brame & Hamo Remix)
Robert Ortiz – My Melody
Filth and Smell – Groovin’
Omarion – Entourage (1200 Warriors Club Mix)
J. Lettow – Doin’ Work Records
Mike Scot Feat.River Jaxx – Happiness
Roy Ayers – Like We Used To Do (Housego’s Refit)
Nick Caliistro – Get Boogie
Times Are Ruff – Save The Moment
Robert Ortiz – The One For Me
Third Deck – Inside Out
Ricardo Sandoval – Brag About Me
J Paul Getto – Rock The Place
Alec Carlsson – Paris Fried Chicken
Gene Farris – The Deputy (original Summer Jam mix)
Funkagenda, Big Ed – Afterclub (Riva Starr remix)
Derrick Carter – Squaredancing In A Round House (Scrubfish No Gills Rub)
Demarkus Lewis – Everybody’s High
Jay Vegas – Paradise
Third Deck – Jambo
Tommy Largo – Living
Groove Armada, Joel Culpepper – Call Me (Fouk Remix)

Good Afternoon, Freaks. Here’s this week’s #Freakcast for your bumpin’ enjoyment, and due to technical issues, start that boogie at about 8:25 min:

Pt.1 | Pt.2

With all the good stuff being dropped right now last week’s show was nothing but fun, and within you’ll find some of the hot tracks that made us bounce. By request, there’s also a playlist.  Have an amazing week, Freaks.

Enjoy Music & Freak Freely, Sista xXx

Ron Basejam – When I Hear That Music (Reprise) (Original Mix)
Kooky, Damoon – Rhythm Of The Night (Original Mix)
Boogie Freaks – You Done Did It
Groove Armada, Joel Culpepper – Call Me (Fouk Remix)
Mousse T. – Horny (Les Loups Mix)
Shit Hot Soundsystem – Ain’t Nobody
Brame & Hamo – Hotshot (Fouk Remix)
Detroit Swindle – Allright (we’ll be)
Fouk – Lefty’s Bar (Brame & Hamo Remix)
Housego – Special Delivery
Doc Link – Our Culture
JedX – Pushing
John Stoongard – Look @ Here Daddy (Gianni Bini Rootsy Vocal Rework)
IMIURU – The Grandma
Butch – Dope
Cajmere, Walter Phillips – Sometimes I Do
Team Gonzo – Think Of You
Thermo – Body Back (Original Mix)
Aspen Bizarre Disco – On The Floor (Dr. Brown’s Remix)
Housego – Dexter’s Disco
Johnny Fiasco – Masta Boogie (Original)
Joey Chicago – Feels So Good (J Paul Getto Remix)
Nick Callisto – Get Boogie (Original Mix)

Happy #MidWeekFreak, people! I hope this finds you well, happy, and surrounded (or at least trying  to be] by awesome music! Here’s this week’s #Freakcast:

Pt.1 – SistaPt.2-  Filta Freqz

Thanks to an awesome restructure in the #HouseMusic universe, the #FiltaFreqz ended up stopping by to help me with a small sound problem and this show was able to happen. They also happen to have their arsenal of choicest cuts in their backpack of wonders, and were conveniently in the mood to get their boogie on!  So we bring you a bunch of good stuff – 2 hours of it!  Have a kick-ass rest of your week, Freaks!

Enjoy Music & Freak Freely, Sista xXx

Good Afternoon, Here’s this weeks’ Freakcast:

Pt.1  |  Pt.2  (download while you can!)

I won’t bother you with the details, but just know that this show almost didn’t happen… and I have a feeling that may have everything to do with all the juiciness within too. Still on an #Amsterdamage high, expect #House: and most of whatever comes under it. That’s it… it’s the get-down getdown, and I do hope ya’ feel me!

Enjoy Music and FreakFreely, Sista xXx

Good Afternoon, Freaks! I hope this finds you better than good, because I want this to find you GREAT! Here’s our annual #ADE special just for you:

PT.1 Sista Stroke  |  PT.2 Davepz  PT.3 Funktransplant & Kingsize  |  PT.4 Housego (download: right-click, save as..)

Recorded live in the #AmsterdamsMostWanted studios – surrounded by family, friends, and enough love to crack even the toughest – this years #ADE was special for a few reasons: 1) We popped a Glasgow cherry, 2) we were breaking in brand new studio space, 3) it was our 3rd ADE on AMW, 4) the show being rescued by Simbello  after we ended-up lost in AMWland; he found us waiting patiently in a coffee shop, and 5) we celebrated 5 Years of FreakFreely radio!!!!


Housego (Edinburgh, Scotland)
Our 1st guest-attempt with this UGHM DJ/Producer went snafu-style, so we quickly made a solid bid to meet him in Amsterdam. Lucky for us, because Housego is a busy man since blowin’ up on the scene with his first release on HouseCall Records in 2014, to his latest on Greenhouse and upcoming on Jump Recordings; the guy spreads fun, and his growing fanbase of worldwide Househeads is proof! Housego dropped it on the Freaks!!

Funktransplant & Dj Kingsize (Sittard, Netherlands)
Whether their ‘making the party’ or ‘playing a party’, Funktransplant and Kingsize have a solid reputation for bringing any party to its proverbial knees. Just one of the reasons we’ve welcomed this dynamic-duo and their signature bounce back to jack, with open arms and ready dancing kicks! And of course… they delivered. Press #play on that bad puppy up there!

#DAVEPZ (aka David Prosser, Glasgow, Scotland)
Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, a city renowned for delivering and hosting some of the world’s top acts each weekend via The SubClub, this veteran DJ boasts over 20 years on the UGHM scene. Davepz’ niche is his inimitable groove for delivering high-tempo, peak-time party sets; bound by his love of jazz, hip-hop, funk, techno & house music, and drenched in sleazy hi-hats and chunky, twisted, slabbed jazz-infused beats. We got baws oot from dude!!

From our humble beginnings on Ustream – thanks to DJ Dummy and Maseo (De La Soul – to our current home on AMW, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting FreakFreely; as do our incredibly talented residents Wayne Brett, Filta Freqz, and Daniel Forrest! Shout-out to our various guests over the last 5 years, SUPER love and all gratefulness sent to #AmsterdamsMostWanted, and massive LOVE to our faithful listeners and fans: this is ALL for you! We’ll see you Friday and the following Friday for #TheResidents; our annual end of the month get-down with the guys.

Enjoy Music & Freak Freely, Love — Sista xXx

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  • Top 10

    Alex Herrera -  The Word (J Paul Getto’s Remix)
    El Seano – Hey Babe
    Fouk – Lefty’s Bar (Brame & Hamo Remix)
    Times Are Ruff – Save The Moment (Original Mix)
    Thermo – Body Back
    Ricardo Sandoval – Brag About Me
    Petrus – Reach
    Roy Ayers – Things We Used To Do (Housego)
    House of Prayers – Treble (Diego Harispe Remix)
    Brame & Hamo – Hotshot (Fouk Remix)
    Bonus cut:
    Groove Armada, Joel Culpepper – Call Me (Fouk Remix)