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Good afternoon, Freaks! I hope this #MM finds you kickin’ down the door and ready to tackle your week! Fresh from #ADE14 at the #AMW studios, here’s this week’s special #Freakcast:

PT. 1 Jenn Johnson  |  PT. 2 Wayne Brett  |  PT. 3 Sista Stroke  |  PT. 4 Daniel Forrest  |  PT. 5 Kingsize & Funktransplant  |  PT. 6 Around 7 & Joss Moog  |  Pt. 7 Menno Overvliet (Download: right-click on link and save as)

Let’s meet our family of DJs that made this day so boogietastic: We kicked off our 6 hour AMW/Freakshack Jack in true #FreakFreely style, with Dallas, Texas native  Jenn Johnson droppin’ the first groove. Get to know this lady, Freaks; she delivers on choice selection and sound!

Next we had FF-resident Wayne Brett ; showcasing choice soon-to-be-released cuts from his new label, Lofrequency Recordings, Wayne delivered the quality we’ve come to expect from him.

I stepped up to the decks next with a #Boogie set to break-up things up; so if you like nudisco, rollerboogie, and shoulder-bouncing shimmy, then you’ll love this.

Next to the decks was Birmingham, UK native, Daniel Forrest; who brought the boogie back to full-tits, and had the freakshack at full jack! Check out his soundcloud for more killer mixes.

Next, I’m super happy to welcome Kingsize & Funktransplant to the decks! These Sittard, Netherlands are favorites across their country, and have steadily grown across Europe with their Soulfully Yours events. It took us a year, but we finally got to pop their #FreakFreely cherry – and now you get to taste their sweet house juice.

Next #onDeck: one new-comer to the #Robsoul label and one man who’s made the genre name, “Pantydropper“, a thing, Around 7 & Joss Moog.  These two Frenchmen stepped up and delivered 30-min sets that were teases to what we’d be treated to at the “Soulfully Yours, Freak Freely, and Club Decoration event, ‘#HouseBrigADE” the next evening (and trust when I say they both absolutely annihilated Club 8 so much so, that the party went past it’s 4am closing time, with the club owner giving Joss full permission to keep killing it before he popped back to the dance floor.). Freak Freely has already been promised another appearance from our favorite pantydropper track-producing DJ, and we can’t freakin’ wait!

Next, we definitely saved the best for last with Deepjacking Recordings artist, Menno Overvliet. The last 2 years has seen this guys rise in the UGH scene – both on deck and behind the production board – holding things down with steady releases, bouncing mixes, and one-off events around the Netherlands.  We know you’re going to love his set, Freaks … and without a doubt, you’re gonna wanna save it for later!  (BIG p.s.: Menno is also THE SOLE REASON Freak Freely can even call AMW “home“… after ADE 2012, he asked me if I’d consider bringing FF to AMW, and the rest is freak house-bounce herstory – FF will be celebrating our 5th Birthday this year, and we’re proud to be doing it on Amsterdams Most Wanted radio.

For all the pics, videos, and goodies, please visit our Facebook page here.  Big kisses, hugs, and massive, massive LOVE to all the DJs that made this day happen!  I can’t tell you how happy I was to be given this special treat, Freaks, and to be able to share it with you was even better than all the delicious space cakes, ‘black’ brownies, and trees for miles down the Raw papers! You guys are the reason Filta Freqz, Wayne Brett, and myself do this – and let’s be real: It just wouldn’t be as much fun without you. We’re already planning a superthick Freak Freely/AMW event for next year, and promise to bring it even bigger. From the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for your support and love… we promise to never fall the f*ck off.

Enjoy Music and Freak Freely – Love, Sista xXx

I am #UglyHouse, at least for session #27. Which just happens to be my birth date!  Shoutout to Paul Starey and Uglyhouse for the opportunity to #stroke you. Hope you freaks like a thump, and #THANKYOU for your continued support!  #FreakFreely

Who’s ulgy? Uglyhouse

Happy Friday, Freaks! Here’s last week’s #Freakcast:

Pt. 1  |  Pt. 2

Hope you have an absolute amazing weekend, and find yourself doing anything that makes you smile too big for your own good.  I mean, why not, yeah… life is short and should be grabbed by the balls.  And on that note, #FreakFreely…

Enjoy Music, -Sista xXx

Good morning, Freaks! This weeks #Freakcast is a special #GrownKids boogie…

PT.1  |  PT.2

Nothing over 123 bpm’s – and nothing but #Boogie. Not House music … boogie music. I’m not able to flex this side too often; so I took a chance on Friday and, thanks to a loving and supporting gang of Freaks, this show happened. If you enjoy shimmying, shaking, dipping, and popping your booty then I have a feeling you might enjoy this.  For the House-heads, no worries; next Friday we’re back on that 4-on-the-floor beat.

Till next week, Freaks -> be great to each other <- … Enjoy Music and FreakFreely, -Sista xXx

(*excuse the silence between 50:37min to 53:26min. FWD thru that and keep the bounce hoppin’*)

  • Brick City House Radio

  • Freak Freely Radio

    Hostess: Sista Stroke
    Where -AMW
    When - Every Friday
    9pm -11pm (GMT),
    3pm-5pm (CST),
    1pm-3pm (MST),
    4pm-6pm (EST).

  • Top 10

    Claude Vonstroke – Eye I Eye (OG Mix)
    Jacky (UK) – Chugger (OG Mix)
    Ruben Mandolini – Abduction
    Manjane – Ressurection
    J-Fader ft. Sista Stroke – Twisted Needs (Filta Freqz Twist It On Up Remix)
    Bobby Blanco, Miki Moto – 3am
    Topa – Can You Feel It (OG Mix)
    Krankbrother – Thank You Baby
    Petrus – Getaway
    Nick_Callisto – Music 2 Survive (OG mix)
    Bonus cut:
    Sista Stroke – Underground Maestros
    June 2014