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Another week, another Freakcast… and it feels real good to bring you this one, Freaks!

Download the #Boogie here

The end of the month always deserves a good time, in my opinion, and should always be marked with an extra extra boogie. So with that in mind here’s some of the rawest, funkiest, feelgood sounds; laid out and arranged with us – the  boogie lovers – in mind.  Hope you dig, and break your shimmy down!  Have a killer mid-week freak, and we’ll see you Friday!  Enjoy Music & FreakFreely, Sista xXx

Sista’s Playlist:
Deep and Disco – Feel The Rhythm
Shit Hot Soundsystem – Ain’t nobody
Foreal People, Joey Negro – Love Begins With You (Joey Negro)
Chaka Kenn, The Wizard Brian Coxx – Das Hot
Discotron – Clap Your Hands (Original Mix)
Shit Hot Soundsystem – In Heavy Rotation
Bo Saris, The Reflex – One Mo’ Gain (The Reflex ub Version)
Martello Bros. – Sputnik (Disco Volante Mix)
Mike Scot Feat.River Jaxx – Happiness
GreySkoolEdits – Saving My Love In
Chaka Kenn, Tom Gianelli – Black Wood
Chic Feat Nile Rogers- Ill Be There (John Morales rmx)
Tom Gianelli – View From Within
Gy Fos – Fate
Demarkus Lewis – Tonight
Djordje – Happiness
FKJ – Bad Habit
Gene Farris, DJ Mes – Never Let You Go
Jaco Jones – The Plan
Doorly – Thang
Seven Davis Jr., Detroit Swindle – Friends (Detroit Swindle Friends On Acid remix)
Greenskeepers – Alphabet Man (Derrick Carter Robo Rub)
Tony Monero – Jazz Your Feet (Joss Moog remix)
Alex Herrera – You Know I Love Music
John Stoogard – Look @ Here Daddy (Gianni Bini Rootsy Vocal Rework)
Diana Ross – Work That Body

Good Evening, Freaks! Here’s THIS week’s Freakcast:

Download the boogie

This weeks show is/was special… and strictly vibe. The week was over, it felt good to be on deck, and there was a chat room full of my friends, peers, and Freaks… how could it NOT be special!?!  You feel where I’m comin’ from, baby? Cause like you see, this here Freakcast comes straight from the bump! Hope you enjoy, and I’ll see you Friday.

Much Love, Enjoy Music and FreakFreely – Sista xXx


  1. Colette – Oasis (Scrubfish Remix)
  2. Jaco Jones – The Plan
  3. Moose & Squirrel – See You Lookin’
  4. Lenny Fontana feat. D-Train – Raise Your Hands (Main Vocal)
  5. Tommy Largo – Crime In Da City
  6. Greenbay Jackers – Catch the Spirit
  7. Doorly – Thang
  8. Onsra – Funky Town
  9. Aspen Bizarre Disco – On The Floor (Dr. Brown’s Remix)
  10. Tommy Largo & Menno Overvliet – Warm Night (Scrubfish Remix)
  11. DJ Sneak – Still My Thing (DJ Mess Mesdup Dub)
  12. Mikey V – Freaks
  13. Greenskeepers, Derrick Carter – Alphabet Man (Derrick Carter Robo Rub)
  14. ItaloBros – In The House
  15. Funagenda, Big Ed – Afterclub (Riva Starr Remix)
  16. Cajmere Featuring Dajae – Brighter Days
  17. Housego – Harlem Jack
  18. Djordje – Happiness
  19. Gy Fos – Fate
  20. Tom Gianelli – View From Within
  21. Re-Tide – Music In The Streets
  22. Evan Rhodes – Final (Art of Tones disco Dub)
  23. Sloth Boogie – I’m On Fire (Intg Rework)
  24. Randy Crawford – Street Life

Good Evening, Freaks!!  Very sorry for keeping you waiting, and here’s LAST week’s Freakcast:

Download the entire 2 hours here

This show was fun; from the drop of the needle to the #ClassicOfTheWeek.  Hope you enjoy it. :)

Much love, enjoy music, and FreakFreely – Sista xXx

Good Afternoon, Freaks! Here’s this week’s Freakcast:

Pt.1  |  Pt.2

Stocked with tasty nuggets from Djordje, Rene Amesz, Derrick Carter, Moose & Squirrel, Rafael Cancian, Tommy Largo, Chaka Kenn, Ed the Spread, and Doorly, there’s plenty within for any Tech and Househead lover to appreciate. Of course, the #futureboogie lovers will also feel the latest from Joey Negro, Gy Fos, The Wizard Brian Coxx, Morsey, and Detroit Swindle; they got tunes packed so tight with shimmy that you won’t be able to do anything but bounce.  I hope you enjoy it :)   Till next week, Le Freaks -> stay up! Enjoy Music & Freak Freely… Love, Sista xXx

Good Afternoon, my good people! Here’s this weeks Freakcast to add to your #MM rotation:


Saturated in #feelgood vibes, this weeks Freakcast is a near reflection of the sort of happiness of which only a good shot of sunshine can bring.  As you go about your daily routine with this poppin’ in your e-drums, don’t be surprised if the shimmy in your shoulders and hips takes on a mind of its own, and don’t be ashamed if your booty starts to jack your body while your standing on that train holdin’ on to that poll as you snake your way through the underground; everyone knows any journey requires a soundtrack, and this one in-particular holds magic from #Doorly, #Petrus, #EdTheSpread, #Rescue, and #TommyLargo – with #Onsran, #RedSoul, #TeamGonzo, #TheReflex, and #ChakaKenn still gettin’ play. P.s.: at the start of Pt.2 you’ll find a mini-tribute to Mr. BHQ; because sometimes one boompty just isn’t enough…  Have a kickass week, Freaks!  Enjoy Music & FreakFreely, Sista xXx

Sista’s Playlist:
Re-Tide – Stand Up (Original Mix)
Petrus – Freaking
Doorly – Thang (Original Mix)
RedSoul – Pillow Talk (RedSoul Peaking Dub)
Onsra – Funky Town
Detroit Swindle – Allright
Ed the Spread – Dark, Dirty, Sexy!
Rescue – Touch
Chanson E – I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love
John Stoongard, Gianni Bini – Deputy of Love (Stoon & Bennie Goes to L.a. Mix)
Petrus – Check Up
Team Gonzo – Think of You
Alex Augello – Game
DJ Hotaction – WTF
DJ Spen, Rachel McDonald – Fall Down On Me (D’s BHQ Voodoo Dub)
Alexander East – Jest 4 Me (Derrick Carter BHQ Vocal Dub)
Angry Mexican DJs – I Like It Funky (BHQ Vocal Dub)
Colette – About Us (BHQ Vox Remix)
Derrick L. Carter – Where Ya’ At? (BHQ Dub)
Bear Who? – U Step (BHQ Remix)
Derrick L. Carter – Squaredancing In A Round House (Scrubfish No Gills Rub)
Cajmere, Walter Phillips – Sometimes I Do
Tommy Largo – Crime In Da City
Clemens Rumpf – Bring The Funk Back (Disco Sensation Mix)
Bo Saris, The Reflex – One Mo’ Gain (The Reflex Dub Version)
Chaka Kenn, The Wizard Brian Coxx – Das Hot
#ClassicOfTheWeek: Skyy – Here’s To You

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    P-SOL – Oh Gawd
    Ollie S. – Get Up
    Masques III – Slippin’ Away
    Robb Swinga – The Search
    Eli Escobar – Seein’ You
    Greenskeepers, Derrick Carter – Alphabet Man (Derrick Carter Robo Rub)
    Filth and Smell – Groovin (Roland Nights Remix)
    Purple Disco Machine – Magic
    Mendoza, Steve Lawler – Houdini (Steve Lawler Remix)
    Demarkus Lewis – Body High
    Bonus cut:
    Clemens Rumpf – Bring The Funk Back
    Aug 2015