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Good Afternoon, Freaks! Here’s this week’s Freakcast:

Pt.1  |  Pt.2

Stocked with tasty nuggets from Djordje, Rene Amesz, Derrick Carter, Moose & Squirrel, Rafael Cancian, Tommy Largo, Chaka Kenn, Ed the Spread, and Doorly, there’s plenty within for any Tech and Househead lover to appreciate. Of course, the #futureboogie lovers will also feel the latest from Joey Negro, Gy Fos, The Wizard Brian Coxx, Morsey, and Detroit Swindle; they got tunes packed so tight with shimmy that you won’t be able to do anything but bounce.  I hope you enjoy it :)   Till next week, Le Freaks -> stay up! Enjoy Music & Freak Freely… Love, Sista xXx

Good Afternoon, my good people! Here’s this weeks Freakcast to add to your #MM rotation:


Saturated in #feelgood vibes, this weeks Freakcast is a near reflection of the sort of happiness of which only a good shot of sunshine can bring.  As you go about your daily routine with this poppin’ in your e-drums, don’t be surprised if the shimmy in your shoulders and hips takes on a mind of its own, and don’t be ashamed if your booty starts to jack your body while your standing on that train holdin’ on to that poll as you snake your way through the underground; everyone knows any journey requires a soundtrack, and this one in-particular holds magic from #Doorly, #Petrus, #EdTheSpread, #Rescue, and #TommyLargo – with #Onsran, #RedSoul, #TeamGonzo, #TheReflex, and #ChakaKenn still gettin’ play. P.s.: at the start of Pt.2 you’ll find a mini-tribute to Mr. BHQ; because sometimes one boompty just isn’t enough…  Have a kickass week, Freaks!  Enjoy Music & FreakFreely, Sista xXx

Sista’s Playlist:
Re-Tide – Stand Up (Original Mix)
Petrus – Freaking
Doorly – Thang (Original Mix)
RedSoul – Pillow Talk (RedSoul Peaking Dub)
Onsra – Funky Town
Detroit Swindle – Allright
Ed the Spread – Dark, Dirty, Sexy!
Rescue – Touch
Chanson E – I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love
John Stoongard, Gianni Bini – Deputy of Love (Stoon & Bennie Goes to L.a. Mix)
Petrus – Check Up
Team Gonzo – Think of You
Alex Augello – Game
DJ Hotaction – WTF
DJ Spen, Rachel McDonald – Fall Down On Me (D’s BHQ Voodoo Dub)
Alexander East – Jest 4 Me (Derrick Carter BHQ Vocal Dub)
Angry Mexican DJs – I Like It Funky (BHQ Vocal Dub)
Colette – About Us (BHQ Vox Remix)
Derrick L. Carter – Where Ya’ At? (BHQ Dub)
Bear Who? – U Step (BHQ Remix)
Derrick L. Carter – Squaredancing In A Round House (Scrubfish No Gills Rub)
Cajmere, Walter Phillips – Sometimes I Do
Tommy Largo – Crime In Da City
Clemens Rumpf – Bring The Funk Back (Disco Sensation Mix)
Bo Saris, The Reflex – One Mo’ Gain (The Reflex Dub Version)
Chaka Kenn, The Wizard Brian Coxx – Das Hot
#ClassicOfTheWeek: Skyy – Here’s To You

Good Afternoon, Freaks!  Here’s this week’s #Freakcast; just in time for your #MM #lunchmix!

Pt.1  |  Pt.2

In this week’s show I threw some goodies into a giant pot, stirred, and waited to see what got cooking…  Using only the finest ingredients – Robosonic, Purple Disco Machine, Detroit Swindle, Clemens Rumpf, Rescue, Onsra, Eli Escobar, Ollie S, P-Sol and a few more you won’t recognize yet but will soon – I managed to cook-up a lip-licking #nu #boogie set that is whip-worthy [or so I've been told]. Since I was a bit on the sickly side this week, fellow FF resident, Legend Forrest (Daniel) stepped up and took over the 2nd hour. Flexing the varying degrees he holds in #housemusic, he took us through a set which shook our shimmy’s and our walls; bumpin’ the booty, and jackin’ up our party to full-tits. Just how we like it.   I’m hoping you find the show as delicious as we did, Freaks.  Have a kickass week, and I’ll see you Friday! Enjoy Music & FreakFreely, Sista xXx

Sista’s Playlist
P-Sol – Oh Gawd
Robosonic, Purple Disco Machine – Viel Fein
Clemens Rumpf – Bring The Funk Back (Disco Sensation Mix)
Guardate, Alex Mallios, Soultronic – Sleepwalker (Soultronic’s Back To House Remix)
Martello Bros. – Sputnik (Disco Volante Mix)
Eli Escobar – Seein’ You
Brillstein – How About No
Groove Assassin – Funky Rydim
Onsra – Funky Town
Detroit Swindle – Live at the Cosmic Carnival
Ollie S. – Get Up
Re-Tide – Stand Up

Good Monday, Freaks! Here’s this week’s Freakcast to jump-start your #MM:

Pt.1  |  Pt.2

We’ve had an eventful month  here at FreakFreely; Housego took it out of us, and that means this week saw us down three residents; not to worry, we had FF-resident Daniel Forrest in the freak shack holding it down.  I started the show with a boompty & boogie – choice cuts from Robosonic, Claptone, Onsra, and few more whose cuts deserve more play, while Daniel brought his deep shimmy.  In all we had too high a time; which means this freakcast has #House and even some #Nu; a solid two hours of bump.

We’ll see you Friday, Freaks! Till then spread #Love. Enjoy Music & FreakFreely  -Sista xXx

Sista’s Playlist
George Morel, Claptone – Let’s Groove (Claptone Remix)
Robosonic, Purple Disco Machine – Viel Fein
John Stoongard, Gianni Bini – Deputy of Love (Stoon & Bennie Goes to L.a. Mix)
Onsra – Funky Town
Chic ft. Nile Rogers – I’ll Be There (John Morales rmx)
Re-Tide – Music In The Streets (Original Mix)
Team Gonzo – Think of You
Angelo Ferreri – Everybody’s Funk
Alex Herrera – You Know I Love Music
RedSoul – We’re Under Pressure
DJ Spen, Rachel McDonald – Fall Down On Me (D’s 1200 Dub)

What’s up, Freaks! I hope this finds you #Happy. Sure it’s Monday, but who cares… #FreakFreely’s here to help with this weeks Freakcast:

Pt.1  |  Pt.2

This weeks show was dedicated to #Love…   We could use more of it in the world, and this is just one way I’m able to do my part and reach a bunch of people while doing it.  With new and classic cuts, here’s 2 hours of #soulful, #shimmy, #bouncy #house…. and a WHOLE LOT of LOVIN’ goin on!  Have a kick-ass week, Freaks!   Enjoy Music & FreakFreely, – Sista xXx


Detroit Swindle – Victoria’s Secret
Mousse T – Ooh Song
Random Soul – Dave Mayer – Dutchican Soul – You Outta Know
Naked Music NYC – It’s Love (Joshua’s Mo’ Musique Vocal)
Sonny Fodera – Do You Know
Lenny Fontana feat. D-Train – Raise Your Hands (Main Vocal Mix)
Jon Cutler Feat E-Man – Its Yours (Legato)
FKJ – Bad Habit
Sista Stroke/Outkast – Love Prototype (Sista’s Hot Love rmx)
Rightside, Troy Denari – Come Back To Me (Original Mix)
The Black Science Orchstra – New Jersey Deep (Swag Edit)
Colette/Kaskade – Dind’t Mean To Turn You On
Demuir – The Look Of You
Wallas – Go On The Dancefloor
J – Sweet Galaxy
Tumada – Everything (Gianni Bini Istant Remix)
Soul Addict, Barbara Tucker, DJ Spen – Love The Hurt Away (DJ Spen Love Dub)
Sonny Fodera & Gene Farris – Turn Down
Le Babar – Love Thang
Le Pamp Playhouse – I Like The Sounds
Cheek – Venus (Sunshine People) (DJ Gregory Remix)
Doc Link – Grip Your Hips
Filta Freqz – Dance

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  • Top 10

    P-SOL – Oh Gawd
    Ollie S. – Get Up
    Masques III – Slippin’ Away
    Robb Swinga – The Search
    Eli Escobar – Seein’ You
    Greenskeepers, Derrick Carter – Alphabet Man (Derrick Carter Robo Rub)
    Filth and Smell – Groovin (Roland Nights Remix)
    Purple Disco Machine – Magic
    Mendoza, Steve Lawler – Houdini (Steve Lawler Remix)
    Demarkus Lewis – Body High
    Bonus cut:
    Clemens Rumpf – Bring The Funk Back
    Aug 2015