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It’s that time of year, Freaks! Clubdecoratie, Soulfully Yours, and your friends here at FreakFreely are back at the Amsterdam DanceEvent (#ADE) with House BrigADE!! We’re honored to bring you a hot-rounded line-up from Chicago and Canada to London and Amsterdam, with a special guest that’s even left our jaws hanging on the floor! Click on the pic to go to our Facebook event, and meet us on the dancefloor; we got grooves to move, baby.

Love, Sista #FreakFreely xx

Good Afternoon, Freaks! Here’s this weeks Freakcast:

Pt.1 | Pt.2

I’m pretty stoked about this Freakcast; there’s some super wicked cuts within that span from Boogie to Boomty, and all are heavy on the bass and funk.  Art of Tones, Eli Escobar, Twism and Lenny Fontana, Gradient Logic, Detroit Swindle, Torrfisk, Fouk, DJ “S”, and Dr. Packer are finally unleashing their winter arsenal; meshing perfectly with the almost-established newer ones from Arturo Garces, Housego, Full Intention, Doin’ Work artists: Funk Protectors, Jazzyfunk and Severino, and Nebraska. For extra measure I even threw in Wally Callerio, DJ Spen, Le Barbar, and few others for the Househeads. Two hours of bump and something to, hopefully :) , set your week on the good foot. Have an amazing week, Freaks! Enjoy Music and FreakFreely, -Sista xXx

Sista’s Playlist
DJ “S” – Cruiser (Original Mix)
Gradient Logic – What About The Groove (Original Mix)
Pete Herbert, Dicky Trisco – Mango Moon (Dicky Trisco Mix)
Deelicious - Lonely Town Lonely Street
Dr. Packer – Chocolate Boogie
Mark Lower, Ash Reynolds – Feel It In Our Bones (Original Mix)
Eli Escobar, Vanessa Daou, Nomi Ruiz – Phreeky
Le Babar – Love is the Answer (Original Mix)
JazzyFunk, Severino – I Want You (Severino Remix)
Nebraska – Khan’s bargain (Original Mix)
Fouk – Coconuts
Twism, Lenny Fontana – Thousand Finger Man (Original Mix)
Art Of Tones – I Just Can’t (Get over It)
Arturo Garces – Dancin’ (Original Mix)
Eli Escobar, Nomi Ruiz – Can’t Stop Dancing
Kenny Bizzarro – Night Experience (Original Mix)
Housego – Keep Smiling
Demarkus Lewis, Rogiérs, Wally Callerio – Message To Your People (Wally Callerio Remix)
Full Intention – Beating Drum
Detroit Swindle – That Freak Stuff
Drunky Daniels, Solc – Bump It In Yo Stero (Solc Remix)
Torrfisk – Flash In Famous
Funk Protectors – Do Work
DJ Spen pres Rachel McDonald – Fall Down On Me (Derrick Carter BHQ Voodoo Dub)
Hilario V – Chi Shots (909 Hump & Thump Remix)

Happy #MusicMonday, Freaks! Here’s this week’s  Freakcast of housey goodness:

Pt.1 | Pt.2

Spring always brings an abundance of feelgood, doesn’t it?  And that feelgood definitely has everything to do with this weeks Freakcast; with all the good stuff being released it almost feels as if things have lined-up all at once and right on time. All those producers slaving the winter away in their studios, and all those record labels keeping warm with “the heat” until Spring when they could unleashed on the DJs (who could in-turn unleash on the Househeads), got it right.  Just press #play and peep the playlist if you don’t believe me, Househeads… and then think about it: that’s just what I was able to cram into two hours, and it didn’t even make a dent in the promo folder. Here’s to feelgood times [with a small hiccup - sorry about that], Freaks!! :) Enjoy Music and FreakFreely – Sista xXx

Elijah Collins, Tee-J – I Used to Feel Alright
Coeo- Light Star (COEO Edit)
Lux Experience – Street Disco
Housego – Work Your Body
RedSoul – Pillow Talk (RedSoul Peaking Dub)
House Of Prayers, Diego Harispe – Treble (Diego Harispe Remix)
Steve “Silk” Hurley ft. Sharon Pass – The Word Is Love (Shane D Remix)
Steve Dare – One Door Closes (Original Mix)
Alex Herrera – You Know I Love Music
Angelo Ferreri – Crystal
Jeff Dougler & Balu – Pozativ Things (Original Mix)
Ryan Truman – Stories
Funk Protectors – Do Work)
Demarkus Lewis – Poppin Fresh (Sass Nelson Remix)
Freaks – Telefunky (BHQ Low Maintainance)
George Llanes Jr. – On The Dance floor
Deaf Funk – El Capitan
Johnny Fiasco – Masta Boogie (Original)
Gene Farris, DJ Mes – Never Let You Go (Original Mix)
DJ Sneak – Still My Thing (DJ Mes Mesdup Dub)
Io Ti Amo (J. Lettows More Vibe Remix)
Housego – Pacific Fire
Detroit Swindle – In Reverse
Fouk – Gruff
Terry Hunter, Jon Pierce – The Message (Terry Hunter Original Mix)

Good Afternoon, my good people!! I hope this finds you feeling outstanding! Here’s this weeks #Freakcast:

Pt.1 | Pt.2

Still half-drunk on the amazing sun-shining weather that recently hit the Big Smoke, I couldn’t help but let the feelgoood Nu flow for this weeks show. Weeks like this brought out superb cuts from Deep and Disco, Ziggy Phunk, Junktion, Phil Disco, Juan Laya, Jorge Montiel and Mikie Blak, Art of Tones, Joey Negro, Filta Freqz, Housego, Coeo,  and a spectacular chunky promo from Reece Johnson called “Bumped Up“; a nugget definitely worth your browse and bump.  With the hopes that this weeks Freakcast brings you your own little pocket of sunshine, I bid you a fantastic and productive week, Freaks!

Enjoy Music and FreakFreely, -Sista xXx

Deep and Disco – Tribute (Deep and Disco Rework)
Junktion – Fling Cleaning
Juan Laya, Jorge Montiel, Mikie Blak – The Boogie Is Back
Ziggy Phunk – Fabulous Boogie
Massimo Berardi – I Feel My Heart
Art of Tones – Devil The Difference
Gy Fos – If You Feel It
Joey Negro, The Sunshine Band – Here Comes The Sunburst Band (Fouk Remix)
Gladys Knight & The Pips – Taste Of Bitter Love (Joey Negro Disco Re-blend)
Coeo – Light Star (COEO Edit)
Lux Experience – Street Disco
Re-Tide – Dirty Funk (Part Two)
Elijah Collins, Tee-J – I Used to Feel Alright
Clemens Rumpf – Bring The Funk Back (Disco Sensation Mix)
Phil Disco – Chicology
The Wizard Brian Coxx Morsy -Z.U.L.U. (OG Steez)
Eli Escobar – Visions (Purple Disco Machine Remix)
Alaia & Gallo, Kevin Haden – Who Is He?
Housego – Keep Smiling
Reece Johnson – Bumped Up
Lovebirds – Want You In My Soul (Scott Diaz Funk Excursion)
Dead Funk – El Capitan
J-Fader – Raw Sax
Filta Freqz – Vagabond
Gwen McCrae – Keep The Fire Burning (Joey Negro Feed The Flame Mix)

Happy Day, Freaks! Here’s last week’s #Freakcast featuring our newly minted resident, Scotland-bred DJ/Producer and Artist, #Housego:

Pt.1 | Pt.2

First off, please excuse the tardiness of this post; our Scottish adventure took a full half-week to recover from, and before I knew it Friday had crept up. Second, please help me welcome, HOUSEGO! For some crazy reason that only a Scotsman could think of, this talented guy has chosen to associate himself with us and we’re too happy to oblige. So here’s an hour and 52-minutes of some bounce, boogie, bump, and boompty… we encourage you to share if you find yourself dancing too ;) .  As always, thank you too much for supporting Freak Freely; from the bottom of our hearts, IT’S TRULY APPRECIATED!

We’ll see you next week! Enjoy Music and FreakFreely, -Sista xXx

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  • Freak Freely Radio

    Hostess: Sista Stroke
    Where -AMW
    When - Every Friday
    9pm -11pm (GMT),
    3pm-5pm (CST),
    1pm-3pm (MST),
    4pm-6pm (EST).

  • Top 10

    Eli Escobar – Happiness
    Dirtytwo – Last Night
    Sure Thing – Holding You Tight (Dr Packer Remix)
    Gene Farris, Harry Romero – Dance It Out
    Filta Freq – Roxy
    Mighty Dub Katz, Boris Dlugosch - Just Another Groove (Boris Dlugosch Remix)
    Andrea Carissimi, Michele Chiavarini – Needle On The Record (Angelo Ferreri Remix)
    Chicago Dancefloor Voodoo, P. Wood, Matt Bowen – You Ain’t Dancin’ (Shy Town)
    John Davis & The Monster Orchestra – Bourgie’, Bourgie’ (Louie Vega Mix)
    Demarkus Lewis – Gruv Select (Original Mix)
    Bonus cut:
    Sante Sansone - Venice in Love (Original Mix)