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Good morning, Freaks! This weeks #Freakcast is a special #GrownKids boogie…

PT.1  |  PT.2

Nothing over 123 bpm’s – and nothing but #Boogie. Not House music … boogie music. I’m not able to flex this side too often; so I took a chance on Friday and, thanks to a loving and supporting gang of Freaks, this show happened. If you enjoy shimmying, shaking, dipping, and popping your booty then I have a feeling you might enjoy this.  For the House-heads, no worries; next Friday we’re back on that 4-on-the-floor beat.

Till next week, Freaks -> be great to each other <- … Enjoy Music and FreakFreely, -Sista xXx

(*excuse the silence between 50:37min to 53:26min. FWD thru that and keep the bounce hoppin’*)

Good Afternoon, Freaks! Here’s this week’s #Freakcast:

Pt.1 | Pt.2

A thump-rich melody of House Music is what’s on this weeks Freakcast menu; tech, feelgood, funky, bouncy, pantydropper, bang, jack and, of course, neck snapper.  Here’s some of this weeks ingredient cuts: Doin’ Work, Radda, Deepjacking Recordings, Sampled Detroit, Mikey V., Catz Eats Dogz & Eats Everything, Ag2, Jacky (UK), Claude Vonstroke, Manjane, Chuck Daniels & Jeremy Joshua, Topa, and even some classic DJ Bang & BHQ sauce for flava’.  Can’t go wrong with a dish like that!

See you next week, Freaks… till then, spread #Love and #Music. Like a virus.

Enjoy Music and FreakFreely, – Sista xXx

Good morning/afternoon/evening, Freaks!  I hope this finds you well, happy, and moving through your week with a steady – but boompty – rhythm.  For this week’s #Freakcast I have something a little special for you, and I’m hoping you dig it… matter of fact, just go ahead and press ‘play‘ on that player now… I’ll wait…

First, please allow me to apologize for not posting a Freakcast in over a month… I swear I have a great excuse – it’s called “Tour du Freak“. Freaks, for the last month I bounced across the US playing some great nights/days, meeting incredibly nice people, eating some of the most amazing food, and spending much-needed quality time with Family & solid friends. It was GOLD.  I was moved beyond words at all the kindness shown me from both family and total strangers alike … seriously … you can’t tell me the worldwide House Music community doesn’t bring good people together.  But if you need proof on just how great our community is, click on the pic to the right and head over to the Tour album on my FB pageYou’ll see the love… you can’t miss it.  OR you can peep the video montage and get the full lot in one go!

Things I loved about the ‘Tour du Freak‘:
- The majority of my gigs were on turntables.  I LOVE that shit
- Kicking off my tour in Portland, with my son and super close family
- Spending a week with my House family and the Portland House community, in one of the most beautiful states I know of
- Meeting so many new people who were kind, funny, warm, and welcoming
- Spending 4 glorious days in Cali with my best friends (Shara, Devi, Adreaune I’m talkin’ to you!)
- All the different ‘trees’ I discovered
- Texas …
- New friendships with all the people I was finally able to put faces and hugs to
- The ‘Magic Sticks’ … you might know them as vaps, and I am completely fascinated
- Chicago – everything, everyone, all of it


Super thanks for all your support, Freaks … This seriously just wouldn’t be as much fun without you! And if you have any pics from the tour, or of us meeting, PLEASE SEND THEM IN!! :)   Enjoy Music and FreakFreely, Sista xXx


Dear Freaks,
This Friday, 25th July, we’re super excited to bring you a special guest DJ, who truly knows what it means to ‘bring the freak’ – and we’re 100% sure that you’re going to LOVE him.

Funktransplant (dj-set / Soulfully Yours , Netherlands) is something of a legend; he and the Soulfully Yours family are known for bringing the hottest DJs and live acts in Underground House Music, with some of the best themed-parties to boot! His funky, bouncy, feelgood House is exactly where your weekend should start, and why not do it big, hey – you get paid this weekend!

Residents on deck:
Sista Stroke | Filta Freqz | Wayne Brett

#London freaks, if you feel like getting’ your shake-n-pop on for your payday weekend, here’s where you can find our FREE event:
Thornhill Arms/ The Thornhill Arms
148 Caledonian Road
N1 9RD

Sista :)

  • Brick City House Radio

  • Freak Freely Radio

    Hostess: Sista Stroke
    Where -AMW
    When - Every Friday
    9pm -11pm (GMT),
    3pm-5pm (CST),
    1pm-3pm (MST),
    4pm-6pm (EST).

  • Top 10

    Claude Vonstroke – Eye I Eye (OG Mix)
    Jacky (UK) – Chugger (OG Mix)
    Ruben Mandolini – Abduction
    Manjane – Ressurection
    J-Fader ft. Sista Stroke – Twisted Needs (Filta Freqz Twist It On Up Remix)
    Bobby Blanco, Miki Moto – 3am
    Topa – Can You Feel It (OG Mix)
    Krankbrother – Thank You Baby
    Petrus – Getaway
    Nick_Callisto – Music 2 Survive (OG mix)
    Bonus cut:
    Sista Stroke – Underground Maestros
    June 2014