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I am #UglyHouse, at least for session #27. Which just happens to be my birth date!  Shoutout to Paul Starey and Uglyhouse for the opportunity to #stroke you. Hope you freaks like a thump, and #THANKYOU for your continued support!  #FreakFreely

Who’s ulgy? Uglyhouse

Happy Friday, Freaks! Here’s last week’s #Freakcast:

Pt. 1  |  Pt. 2

Hope you have an absolute amazing weekend, and find yourself doing anything that makes you smile too big for your own good.  I mean, why not, yeah… life is short and should be grabbed by the balls.  And on that note, #FreakFreely…

Enjoy Music, -Sista xXx

Good morning, Freaks! This weeks #Freakcast is a special #GrownKids boogie…

PT.1  |  PT.2

Nothing over 123 bpm’s – and nothing but #Boogie. Not House music … boogie music. I’m not able to flex this side too often; so I took a chance on Friday and, thanks to a loving and supporting gang of Freaks, this show happened. If you enjoy shimmying, shaking, dipping, and popping your booty then I have a feeling you might enjoy this.  For the House-heads, no worries; next Friday we’re back on that 4-on-the-floor beat.

Till next week, Freaks -> be great to each other <- … Enjoy Music and FreakFreely, -Sista xXx

(*excuse the silence between 50:37min to 53:26min. FWD thru that and keep the bounce hoppin’*)

Good Afternoon, Freaks! Here’s this week’s #Freakcast:

Pt.1 | Pt.2

A thump-rich melody of House Music is what’s on this weeks Freakcast menu; tech, feelgood, funky, bouncy, pantydropper, bang, jack and, of course, neck snapper.  Here’s some of this weeks ingredient cuts: Doin’ Work, Radda, Deepjacking Recordings, Sampled Detroit, Mikey V., Catz Eats Dogz & Eats Everything, Ag2, Jacky (UK), Claude Vonstroke, Manjane, Chuck Daniels & Jeremy Joshua, Topa, and even some classic DJ Bang & BHQ sauce for flava’.  Can’t go wrong with a dish like that!

See you next week, Freaks… till then, spread #Love and #Music. Like a virus.

Enjoy Music and FreakFreely, – Sista xXx

  • Brick City House Radio

  • Freak Freely Radio

    Hostess: Sista Stroke
    Where -AMW
    When - Every Friday
    9pm -11pm (GMT),
    3pm-5pm (CST),
    1pm-3pm (MST),
    4pm-6pm (EST).

  • Top 10

    Claude Vonstroke – Eye I Eye (OG Mix)
    Jacky (UK) – Chugger (OG Mix)
    Ruben Mandolini – Abduction
    Manjane – Ressurection
    J-Fader ft. Sista Stroke – Twisted Needs (Filta Freqz Twist It On Up Remix)
    Bobby Blanco, Miki Moto – 3am
    Topa – Can You Feel It (OG Mix)
    Krankbrother – Thank You Baby
    Petrus – Getaway
    Nick_Callisto – Music 2 Survive (OG mix)
    Bonus cut:
    Sista Stroke – Underground Maestros
    June 2014