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Well Freaks, once again the end of another year is at our doors knocking to be let out … Which is pretty fine with most of us over here; a new beginning is always something to look forward to, right? So to celebrate making it through another year I thought we all could use that special something to boogie straight into 2013 with; an exclusive gift for the BCH listeners from Mr. Paul Johnson.

You all know the story of the self-taught super Producer who came up in Chicago and did numerous tracks for Chicago House labels like Undaground Therapy, Peacefrog, Dance Mania, Relief, DJax Up Beats, Cajual, Moody, Nite Life, and Defected. You also know that he was responsible for a track called “Get Get Down”; the backdrop for chomping-at-the-bit dancers in nightclubs across the world for years; which went on to be the first House track to claim #1 on the Billboard Hot Dance Club Play chart – holding steady for 18 weeks, plus securing a spot in the top-5 all-time for the UK dance scene. And unless you’ve been under a rock for the last 20 years  – which is totally cool if you have! We LOVE rocks! – you also know he started and owned Dust Traxx (a label of which I’m proud to have called “home” at one point, thanks Paul and Radik!), has worked with numerous artists, traveled the world at least triple times, and came back harder and even more determined after a severe car wreck in 2010 to reclaim his rightful home behind the decks. He’s a legend; period. And he still makes the masses – the loyal and new generations of chomping-at-the-bit dancers – get get down. Mad LOVE to PJ for stopping through and making our end-out so special, and nothing but respect!

We’ll see you next year, Freaks and Freakette’s; a new year, a new beginning, and whole clean slate … the Age of Aquarius. Let’s Live, Enjoy Music and Freak Freely, Sista♥

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